Private Residence, Cardiff


The refurbishment and repair of this 1930's entrance led to replacing all the plain glass with a new stained glass scheme with the design referencing a favourite place of the clients that personalises the design.

Monknash, Vale of Glamorgan

This new window designed by Christian was an external window but is now internal following a new extension being built. It was kept to borrow the light from one room to another and provides an ideal opportunity to create a functional feature.

A combination of handblown and rolled glass was used to modulate the light and sparkle on the surface. The subtle blues and browns tie in with the clients interior design scheme.

Private Residence, Lisvane, Cardiff

fox edit.jpg

This panel was created for a new front door made by joinery conservator LM Conservation. Designed by Christian it was made to match the period of the house to replace a door of the wrong style and materials. The design was developed in conjunction with the client and had a custom fabricated support bar made.

Stanwell Road, Penarth

The top panel in this beautiful door was the only original panel left and was in a poor state of repair. The project was to restore the door to it's former glory by repairing the original panel and making two new panels to match.

New pieces were made recreating the original using traditional kiln fired paints and stains. Matching rolled and antique glass was sourced as close as possible to the original. This also led to the vestibule doors being restored where there was only the top panels remaining.