From a small in-situ repair to a large restoration project we have the skills available to undertake a range of work whether it's site based, in the studio or both.

On Site Repairs

Some repairs can be carried out without removing the panel. Cracked pieces can sometimes replaced in-situ or small leaks can be identified and repaired.

Domestic Repair -  Before

Domestic Repair - Before

Domestic Repair -  After

Domestic Repair - After

Reports & Survey

Short and detailed reports can be made examining a window’s condition and suggesting an approach for repair and conservation. They are often necessary in order to apply for funding for a project, for insurance claims or in order to develop a detailed costing.



Glass Painting & Surface Decoration

Painted pieces that are beyond repair can be recreated using traditional kiln fired paints and stains. Careful selection of the tint of the base glass is required and tests undertaken to get a good pigment match.

On the left is the recreated piece to match the piece on the right.

On the left is the recreated piece to match the piece on the right.

Plain Glazing

Restoration glass is sourced to match the original glass in terms of tint, texture and surface modulation to conserve to appearance of a window both from the inside and outside the building.

St John’s House, Bridgend

St John’s House, Bridgend


Restoration & Reproduction

Recreating a